About Kelsey

Kelsey Arianne has been a music lover for her whole life.  Growing up in Wimberley, Texas, Kelsey was exposed to live music in South Austin with her parents, who are avid music supporters.  She began playing guitar and writing original compositions after attending the Kerrville Folk Festival where she met her husband and musical partner, Leighton LaBorde.  They began to develop their own musical style playing at house concerts and open-mics in South Austin, and went on to play venues such as Ruta Maya, Freedom Oaks, and Kerrville Folk Festival’s Staff Concert.  Kelsey worked to save enough money, and teamed up with long time friend and producer Matt Smith to make her debut record, “Light Shines Through”, which was released into the world on August 11, 2016 at Strangebrew in South Austin.

“Light Shines Through”  consists of 10 original tracks and features guest performances from several renowned Texas musicians including Lloyd Maines, Carolyn Wonderland, Guy Forsyth, Shelley King, Warren Hood, and more.  Every song on the album is emotionally compelling and maintains its own distinct identity with creative composition and songwriting that touches on love, hardship and change.  The overall message of the album is hopeful and even idealistic at times, but Kelsey’s youthful optimism and passion are authentic and refreshing.